Finance and Settling

How it Works

One of the most important services offered by BTA is the settling of accounts and the payments to the trawler owners for the value of their catch. In order to access this service, an account has to be created by the trawler owner with BTA using a form attainable from the office or the auctioneers.

When a trawler owner with an account lands his catch in Brixham, BTA provides a number of services to enable the catch to be landed and sold at the market the following day.

Further information can be obtained by contacting our accounts manager Lindsay Ritson or ringing the office on 01803 882325

Fast Payment

BTA costs, services provided, the mandatory dues and levies, crew payments, and other expenses as instructed by the owner can be deducted from the gross value of the catch sold. The net value after deduction of all expenses can then be paid to the owner within 24 to 48 hours of the auction sale.


The auctioneers record the gross value of the fish sold at auction, it is then checked and agreed, and added to the settling sheet. The system is flexible and allows the boat owner to choose between settling the account after each days landing, or to settle the account over a defined period of time, e.g. a week. Payment can be made directly to your bank account.


Third Party Expenses

Expenses incurred and deducted will include the particular Fish Producer Organisation Levy, which is a percentage taken off the value of the catch and forwarded to the PO on the owners behalf. BTA will also deduct and forward the landing dues and the harbour dues, which are payable to the relevant harbour authority, again on the owners behalf.

BTA charges all beam trawlers 5.5% and day boats 6% for all services provided, and fish buyers are charged 1% or 2% of the total purchase price for the fish they buy at auction. In addition, BTA deducts and collects the 2.5% landing fee on behalf of Torbay Borough Council.

Services Deducted and Crew Payments

The costs of all BTA services provided including fuel, ice, landing, box washing and BTA commission will also be deducted on the settling sheet. Any other charges as instructed by the owner can also be deducted.

The remaining sub total is then used to pay the crew. BTA will calculate the payments to the crew and make these on behalf of the owner.


Payment and Paperwork

Once all of the deductions have been made, the net amount is then paid to the trawler owner within 24 to 48 hours, and directly into their bank account. A detailed settling sheet is provided to the owner, together with a print out detailing the sale of fish by species, weight and value from each days auction. Attached to this will also be all invoices for expenses where applicable.

Biggest advantage!

The full settlement service provided by BTA removes the administrative burden for all the owners and ensures accurate accounts are kept.

"Fish can be landed at Brixham within hours of being caught meaning it is absolutely top quality and as fresh as can be. BTA do a great job for us providing all the services we require and settling our catch very quickly. This is an excellent service and a very professional one."

– Matt Evans, Skipper, MFV Our Miranda.

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