Welcome to the beautiful fishing port of Brixham; home of the world famous Brixham Fish Market and Brixham Trawler Agents.

With a strong fishing tradition dating back to the 14th century, Brixham is credited with being one of the birthplaces of trawling. In the 19th century it was recorded that Brixham had 270 sail operated decked trawlers employing 1600 seamen making it “the largest fishery in England”.

Today, Brixham Fish Market is managed and operated by Brixham Trawler Agents Ltd.  Find out more about BTA operations.

Brixham is now England’s largest fish market by value of fish sold. In 2017 this was in excess of £40,000,000 and the record was broken in 2021 achieving £43,600,000.

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Our Fleet

Our current fleet consists of a mix of local day boats and larger beam trawlers who remain at sea for 5 to 7 days at a time. They fish mainly in the English Channel but also operate in waters as far afield as the Bristol Channel and the Irish Sea. There are also a number of scallop boats that operate in local waters all year round.


Over 40 different
species of fish

We land over 40 different species of fish with the main catches consisting of Cuttlefish, Lemon and Dover Sole, Squid, Monkfish
and Turbot.

There are also plenty of other species on offer including scallops, hake, bass, pollock and plaice.

An Exporting
Success Story

When the fleet return from a trip at sea, they land their catch on the quayside to then be sold to the fish buyers at the daily Brixham Fish Market auction. The auction attracts buyers from all around the UK and Europe due to Brixham’s unmatched reputation for landing high-quality fresh fish and shellfish.

Fish from our market ends up on plates in some of the finest restaurants in the UK. However, approximately 70% of our fish is exported to Europe – primarily Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy.


Different Species



Our Commercial Services

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Landing Fish

Fuel Supply

Box Wash

Fish Market Auction

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Fish Haulage


"Over the 40 years we have been sourcing fish and shellfish from Brixham, BTA have always provided an excellent service with exceptional quality fish"

– Mark Greet, Managing Director, Fal Fish.

Fish Market Tours

You can book a tour of the Fish Market throughout the holiday period by visiting the English Riviera website. The number of tours that can be accommodated throughout the season is limited and they are extremely popular. With 25 people on each tour, we recommend that you book well in advance.

The tour costs £25 and includes breakfast and a donation to the Fishermen’s Mission.

Want to know more about the tour?

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