Brixham Trawler Agents

Brixham Trawler Agents main business activity is to manage the day-to-day operations within Brixham Fish Market from our offices located within the Brixham harbour complex. The management team are all experienced within the fishing industry in all relevant areas to help get the fish from net to plate.

Our objective is to serve the trawler owners and ensure they get the best price for the fish they catch.

Brixham’s Fishing Heritage

A managed fishing industry operating in Brixham can be dated back to the 14th century, and 18th century reports can be found of high value catches such as turbot, sole and plaice being landed and transported to markets as far afield as Exeter, Bath and London.

The introduction of the railway enabled Brixham fish, packed in ice, to reach Billingsgate Fish Market in 8 hours helping to drive the expansion of the local fishing industry.

In 1971 the fish market moved from the inner harbour site to a new fish quay that has been continually upgraded over the years. The current site was finally completed after a multi-million pound regeneration scheme lasting several years that involved reclaiming land from the sea. The new site was opened in 2010 by Princess Anne.

Kierons catch on Our Miranda

The Market Today

Fast-forward to today and Brixham’s reputation for landing top quality fish coupled with the availability of fast transport links to Europe has opened up new markets and increased demand. Now over 70% of the catch landed at Brixham Fish Market is exported to countries including France, Spain and Italy. This increase in the volume of fish landed has made Brixham the largest fishing port in England in terms of revenue received from fish sold.

Transferring the fish sold at Brixham Fish Auction to the buyers fish boxes

Looking to the future


Improving the Fish Market

The stated aim is to continually seek ways to improve the operations of the Fish Market, increase the number of skippers and boat owners landing their catch, and to attract new buyers of fish to the daily auction.


A Range of Services

To help support those objectives, BTA provides a range of services to local and visiting fishing and commercial vessels that use the port of Brixham, and to buyers of fish who recognize the quality of the fish landed in the port.


Continuing to Grow

The company continues to grow. In 2021 BTA generated an annual turnover in excess of £12,000,000 resulting in a year-on-year increase in profits of 25%. A large proportion of the profit has been invested in both new staff and machinery to improve the services offered to BTA customers. Funds are also being generated to improve vitally required space as we continue to expand.

I’ve been buying fish from Brixham for over 20 years. In all my experience as a fishmonger, chef and restaurateur I’ve never seen better quality seafood anywhere in the world. I feel lucky to have this kind of fish on my doorstep but also to live here amongst what must be the most vibrant and friendly fishing community in Britain.

Mitch Tonks – Rockfish

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