Ice Supply

BTA Ice Plant

BTA supply ice to the fishing boats, to the market and to the fish buyers. Ice is critical to maintain the quality of fish on board every fishing vessel and also to keep the temperature constant when the catch is landed en route to being sold.

Our ice plant is managed and operated by Phil Allen who has over 30 years experience of supplying ice to the fleet of boats using Brixham Fish Market.

Ice is available from 5pm on a Sunday right through until 3.30pm on a Friday, on a 24 hours a day basis. Any trawlers that need ice on a weekend morning can book this service in advance by contacting

Self Sufficient Ice Production

Brixham Fish Market is self sufficient in ice production with a recent £800,000 investment in a new ice plant that supplies ice directly to the boats. The main plant can produce up to 36 tons daily. Using our other flake ice makers up to 46 tons of ice is available for delivery within a 24-hour period from all sources.

Ice Making Plants

BTA also have 3 smaller ice making plants that provide ice solely for the fish market. These ensure the quality of fish is maintained right from when it is unloaded from the fishing vessels, all the way through until it is sold and made ready for delivery.


Breakdown Cover and Seasonal Supplies

Although many of the larger beam trawlers have their own on-board ice machines, BTA can cover for any breakdowns they may have and provide ice to many visiting vessels during the cuttle fishing season (around September to March).

Ice at the Ready

When a customer needs ice during normal opening hours one of our qualified staff is always onsite ready to deliver. For larger boats, the ice is delivered via a chute that loads the ice straight down into the refrigerated fish room in the hold. For smaller boats, it can also be delivered into bins on the quayside, or it can be supplied in fish boxes for use by the fish merchants.

Coombe Fisheries have been buying from Brixham Fish Market for some 40 years. Brixham Fish Market has always been a reliable source for us for top quality fish and shellfish and we receive an excellent service from the auctioneers and all the market staff. That keeps us coming back day after day.

– James Spear, Director Coombe Fisheries

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