Box Wash

Box Wash and Steam Clean

After the boats have landed their catch it is taken by forklift and stacked in the refrigerated area until the fish can be sorted and graded, ready for the auction. Each boat owns their own individual set of fish boxes in a variety of colours with the name and number of the boat stamped on each box. Some of the larger beamers will store as many as 1000 boxes on board.


The Cleaning Process

Once the fish has been sorted and graded they are transferred to white 40kg boxes, owned by Brixham Trawler Agents, and taken to the auction floor. Before the trawler owned boxes are returned they go through the BTA box washer and are thoroughly cleaned as part of the BTA service. Although this isn’t a legal requirement the boxes are washed to maintain the whole quality process, and to ensure the fish are stored and processed in the best possible condition.


One exception to this process is when a vessel lands a catch of cuttlefish. All cuttlefish are stacked in black boxes and stored in a separate refrigerated area. They are also sold separately in a “quarantined” area within the fish market to prevent any of the other catch being spoilt by the black ink dripping from the cuttlefish boxes.


How the Process Works

The BTA steam cleaning service passes each individual box along a conveyer belt and into the pressure wash system. At the end of the process each box is stacked, ready to be returned to the owners in time for their next trip to sea.

We have expanded

In September 2019 BTA invested in a new box washer which will enable 400 boxes to be steam cleaned every hour. It also has a self-stacking system, automating the process and improving the turnaround time. Time is an important factor, as BTA may use several thousand boxes a day on the auction floor, plus each individual trawler may use between 300 and 600 boxes.

As all of these boxes need to be cleaned and returned. Speeding up the process has ensured there are no delays.

"My family have been buying fresh fish from Brixham Fish Market since 1957. The quality, freshness and variety were second to none then, and are still second to none today."

– Robert Simonetti, Roberts Fisheries Ltd

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